Tiny Art Bags – Original Artworks

I had so much fun creating these beautiful art bags which are little pieces of art. Not only they they make an original gift but they are also wonderful to display in your home.

Tiny art bag available at www.4cybercats.com

Lovely tiny art bag

I started them off by applying 2 to 3 coats of gesso, Then I used acrylic paints and inks to create little pieces of art works. It’s also possible to cut them if you prefer to the size of an ACEO / ATC card and they can then be framed and displayed. Honestly I much prefer to leave them as is because it creates a wonderful art piece that starts conversations. These tiny bags measure 3″ X 4″ .

Everyone has art on their walls, when I created these I wanted something original for some of my friends whose birthdays were coming up. I had already given them handmade jewelry in the past along with some painted canvases and prints.

I went to an art show in Coconut Grove in Florida and came across an artist that was displaying 2 or 3 art bags. She was actually selling them for over $400 a piece. I thought that will make a unique and fun gift for my friends.

So I do hope that you enjoy them as much as I had fun creating them. Here are some more for your enjoyment.

Cute art bag of field of flowers available at www.4cybercats.com tiny bag poppies available at www.4cybercats.comtiny bag painted water lilies available at www.4cybercats.com


I accept special requests, so if you would like to commission a bag for yourself or as a gift please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day.

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