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The Superior Singing Method

This amazing singing method will increase your singing ability. This method can help you improve your voice, so that you sing with better control while gaining up to a full octave in your vocal range.

This method helps you eliminate vocal cracks, breaks and/or shakiness by having great vocal control. World-renowned vocal instructor Aaron Anastasi will take you through 8 steps of professional training so that you can improve your voice. 

Pitch – Develop your vocal muscles to improve your vocal pitch with specific vocal exercises. It will also teach you tricks and techniques to improve your pitch even if you are singing at the top of your vocal range, you can improve.

Tone – A variety of techniques and tips will help to  identify your tone so that you can get the best tone out of your voice. Learn how to sound like the best you possible by learning how to sing with rich, full and smooth tone.

Vocal Power – It teaches you how to eliminate tension with tips and techniques so that you sing with more power and more confidence. Improve your resonance and strengthen your voice muscles. Have more control while singing at the top of your vocal range. Bounce from note to note as you sing by developing precise vocal agility. Some of the benefits you will experience are to sing vocal runs with proper rhythm, ease and staying on pitch with no wavering. Learn how to sing with less strain, better vocal tone, and smooth transitions. Learn how to avoid damaging your voice when singing higher notes.

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