McCall’s Patterns just listed M5430 M6956 M6930

Brand new (uncut) McCall’s Patterns –

sometimes I accidentally buy a pattern that I already had, so here I am selling these

My loss is your gain.  ONLY $10.50 each with FREE Shipping within Continental USA. Click on image to link to item sale page.

McCall's Pattern M6930 view at This pattern is so cute, perfect for your summer wardrobe you can make 3 different length in the shorts and also pants. This one is easy McCall’s Patterns.

McCall's Patter M5430 This pattern for these adorable skirts can be made in about one hour. Fast as cute what more can you ask for.

McCall's Patterns M6956 view at With a duplicate pattern I have I made this dress and it was fairly easy to make. Love the way it fits. Whenever I find more McCall’s Patterns that I have doubles of, I will list them and let you know thru a post.

A little something to think about. Do you believe in random acts of kindness?

I do and every so often when I pass through the drive thru I give the person a couple of bucks for a coffee. Now most of the employees at a fast food place are young people. It puts a huge smile on their face when I hand them a couple of bucks and say have a great day and enjoy a beverage on me. Same applies when you pay for a little extra something for the person in back of you.

And if you can’t afford to hang out cash, that’s okay because everyone has been through tough times. But you can still make someone’s day just by smiling and saying something like “have a happy day”. Smiling is free. Helping someone with little things doesn’t cost you anything and might actually make you smile and feel good inside. Think about it and share your thoughts below.

Have a great day.

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